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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 29, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. barry bonds' team in damage control. the intimate details from his ex and the big names in baseball taking the stand today. tightening the leash on dogs. bun bay area city gets tough after a deadly accident in a park. the fines you could pay. >> good morning, it is tuesday, the 29th of march. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 4:30 on a tuesday. and the ladies are all upstairs here and i guess we're going to kick it off with a little traffic, huh? >> yeah, we already have a major problem. there is a sig alert issued in the east bay. hayward connector ramp a major connector ramp from southbound
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880 to southbound 238 closed. around 2:30 this morning a big rig hit the guardrail and crews are out there still trying to clean up. there is water and fuel spilled on the major connector ramp. so again, this happened a couple of hours ago now and that connector ramp is still shut down. also, we have some pretty good video of a power outage that happened overnight in oakland. check this out. it happened at kennedy and frederic. that's near 880 and 23rd avenue. nearby off-ramp was closed. that lasted about one hour. but yeah, 4:30 a.m. we already have two major problems across the bay area. so hopefully weather is a little calm they are morning. >> i can help -- hopefully the weather is a little calmer this morning. >> yes, most of us will stay dry this morning even though it's cloudy. temperatures milder than yesterday. upper 50s for some cool spots to near 70 for some of the warmer spots. you see here san francisco at
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46 today. 68 in concord. we still have 80s on the horizon just around the corner. we'll talk more about that with the possibility of some record- breaking heat. >> i think we deserve it. >> i think so. >> it was a glorious day yesterday. it was just fantastic. thank you for that, julie. i'll give you credit for that. >> julie, elizabeth, thank you. barry bonds' ex-mistress is back in the hot seat this morning for cross-examination. in her testimony so far, she has provided some pretty graphic details about bonds' body. sharon chin is in san francisco to tell us what's coming up today. >> reporter: good morning. the giambi brothers top the prosecution witness list for today. but first, continuing the cross- examination of kimberly bell. barry bonds' ex-girlfriend spent most of yesterday on the witness stand in bonds' perjury trial. she told the jury that in 2002, late in her nine-year relationship with bonds, she noticed a big lump on his left
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elbow. she said bonds told her his steroid use caused his muscles and tendons to grow faster than his joint could handle. bell also describes physical changes common to steroid use, his sexual organs changed shape, he became impotent and grew his shoe and hat size. she said he threatened to cut off her head and throw it in a ditch and cut out the breast implants he paid for. the defense attorneys said she had an agenda because he left her. he says sensational testimony does not equal guilt. >> if i was the defense, that's one of the things i would be arguing to the jury. if this is the best they have, then maybe their case isn't as strong as they believe. >> reporter: okay. we could see the following prosecution witnesses today. barry sample, direct of quest diagnostics laboratory, which handled barry bonds' test semple. stan conte the former head trainer and three ballplayers
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expected to say they got performance-enhancing drugs from his trainer. jason and jeremy giambi and randy velarde. first we're expected to hear more cross-examination of kimberly bell. it could be interesting this morning. >> it certainly was yesterday to say the least, sharon. should be again today. thank you, sharon chin in san francisco. police in antioch believe a middle school teacher has fled to mexico after being accused of inappropriate behavior with boys. charles redmond has taught at park middle school since 19 4. he allegedly touched an 8th grade boy inappropriately last week and made lewd comments to other boys before. $100,000 warrant has been issued for redmond's arrest. police say he left a note for his family and then apparently went to mexico. the future of libya is the subject of an international meeting today in london.
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president obama says nato will take control of the entire libya operation tomorrow. >> i said that america's role would be limited and that we would not put ground troops into libya and we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end of the operation and that we would transfer responsibility to other allies around partners. tonight we are fulfilling that -- to our allies and partners. tonight we are fulfilling that pledge. in addition to our nato duties, the president says the u.s. will provide assistance to the libyan people. we will safeguard $33 billion in the qaddafi regime's frozen assets to help rebuild the country. and the president said he ruled out targeting moammar qaddafi, warning that trying to oust him militarily would be a costly mistake. the president's speech at 4:30 in the afternoon didn't have a big audience here in the bay area. an informal survey by cbs 5 found very few people saw it. we did talk with some people,
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though, who heard at least part of the president's comments on the radio. >> i think he's doing a good job. i think he's trying to reassure people that we have a limited involvement and keep it humanitarian. >> i found myself rolling my eyes a little bit like, really? yeah. for the reasons they were talking about invading libya and what not. >> today president obama will give separate interviews to the three major network news anchors including cbs' katie couric. power company official in japan say plutonium has been detected in soil outside that damaged nuclear power plant. tokyo electric power says the amount of plutonium is small and doesn't pose a risk to public health. the government safety officials say the findings support suspicions that radioactive water is leaking from the damaged fuel rods. inside the plant, meanwhile, crews are trying to pump out water that is radioactive. and a prominent physicist visiting the bay area critical of the way things are going in
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japan. he trained at berkeley and harvard. he is a tv and radio host and an author. he spoke to the commonwealth club last night in palo alto. he said the biggest lesson of japan is that the relationship between the government and the utility company is too cozy. >> i think there is enough blame to go around in the sense that the government took the lead of the utilities and the utilities low balled estimates, gave rosie assessments of things. >> dr. kaku believes nuclear policy will now change here in the united states. the city council will vote to limit the number of marijuana dispensaries in san jose. only 10 would be allowed to operate legally. the measure would streamline the application process for 10 pot clubs there. would also be a specified time
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limit for the other 100 or so collegetives to cease operation. san jose may shorten the leash on dogs. the city council this afternoon will consider limiting dog leashes to six feet long on trails in san jose parks. fines could go as high as $200 for repeat other fenders. the "mercury news" reports that the change was proposed after a woman was killed in 2009 when she got caught in a leash between a bike rider and one of his dogs. we're going to have a live report crutch at 5:00. it is 4:38. and we heard from julie off the top that i guess 80s are in our forecast? >> i don't know, 70s are fine with me. but sunshine, that's what i'm enjoying. >> sunshine, you will get but you will have to wait another day. onlily partly cloudy skies. a mix of mid- and high level clouds right now. a weathermaker is going to bring us more cloud throughout
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the day. temperatures mild this morning and later on today, as well. this is just the beginning of that warmup we have been talking about. 47 in concord and san jose. later today we'll warm things up, cooler spots will be in the upper 50s like pacifica, but the warmest spots near 70 places like napa, of 8 concord, 66 livermore, 67 in san jose. it's just the beginning of the warmup. midweek we'll see more sunshine and temperatures near 80. i'm going to give you a quick taste of what's to come. can't argue with those numbers. more on this coming up but first traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, julie. back to san leandro, we're talking about this major connector ramp southbound 880 to southbound 238. i just checked our chp reports and they have that ramp partially open now. sounds like just the right lane is blocked. a couple of hours ago around 2:30 this morning a big rig crashed into the guardrail so chp has been out there ever since. for a while they had the ramp shut down but again within the last 10 minutes or so, they have just got that ramp
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partially re-opened. but expect a lot of slow traffic. there was a diesel fuel spill as well so that's what's taking so long to clean up. 880 itself the main line to the freeway looks okay. by the way, the washington avenue on-ramp southbound 880 is also closed because of that big rig accident and diesel fuel there. 880 near the coliseum though traffic is fine if you are heading towards downtown oakland. you can see one of our live traffic sensors showing speeds around 64 miles per hour in those northbound lanes. bay bridge traffic light, no wind advisory or fog advisory so everything is good heading into san francisco across the upper deck. oh, and mass transit is on time. that's your weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. an east bay school district facing furloughs. we'll tell you how many days of class those students could miss. plus... [ pause ] >> millions of women take a
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stand against wal-mart. how bay area women are behind the largest sex discrimination suit in u.s. history. and bizarre flaw behind another big recall. how honking the horn is putting some drivers at risk.
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welcome back to the "early edition." mild temperatures, not quite as sunny, partly cloudy to start, mostly cloudy later, temperatures in the upper 50s to near 70 for some of the warmest spots. your full forecast coming up. thank you. the largest sex discrimination case ever has a hearing before the supreme court today. wal-mart trying end to a class action lawsuit on behalf of more than a million women working for the retailer. the suit claims wal-mart paid those women less than men and gave them fewer promotions. wal-mart says there are too
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many plaintiffs and too many different job classifications for this to be a class action case. >> you can have a group that's this large litigating as a class action, but what there must be is a common issue, a common issue of law or fact. wal-mart's argument is these hiring decisions are done by the individual stores. there is no common issue. >> the suit began ten years ago with six women in the bay area. two northern california courts have lar proved class action status. the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule by the end of june. the state legislature convenes today amid uncertainty over a budget proposal. so far, governor brown and his democratic allies have been unable to get republican support for a special election. it would ask voters to approve an extension of tax increases. now democrats may try to approve the election by a simple majority even though legislation on taxes and ballot measures require a two-thirds
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majority vote. teachers in the mount diablo school district are considering a new contract that could shorten the school year. the teachers union will vote today and tomorrow on the tentative agreement that includes three furlough days. new contract would help offset the district's funding cuts. furlough days could either be taken in may or at the end of the school year. well, it is a win-win situation for schools and car dealerships in the east bay. >> that's right. this afternoon, a group of concord car dealerships will present a hefty check to help local sports and music programs. you might remember last month the dealers pledged to donate a portion of their profits from a presidents weekend sales event. the incentive noticeably increased sales with more than 600 cars sold. wow. it is 4:45. passengers getting a break. we'll tell you why a proposed airline hike didn't go as planned. >> plus, counting the calories? maybe you should be counting sheep instead. how the key to losing weight could be in the bedroom.
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and he has a bounty out to find a bride. the reward if you can help that bay area man get hitched. there's a lot of confusion about ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from p-g-and-e, for conserving energy this winter. maybe you got one? there is a lot of confusion about a prepaid debit card from pg&e for conserving energy over the wintertime. one pg&e customer contacted us when he noticed a whole bunch of fees in the fine print. they included an account maintenance fee of $3 a month on a card worth $25. there was even a fee to pay his pg&e bill with the card. >> we are sorry if all the fine print that these cards came with may have confused some folks. but at the end of the day, the important thing here is that there are no fees associated with this card. >> pg&e says that the fine print is standard on citibank debit cards but again, the charges do not apply to pg&e
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customers. there is one limitation: the card will expire in six months. 4:48. a pair of major u.s. airlines has cancelled fare hikes after competitors failed to follow suit. last week united and continental airlines began charging $10 more on roundtrip flights. but when low cost carriers didn't follow their lead, they decided to roll back the increased fares. volkswagen is recalling 71,000 jettas because of an electrical problem. the problem is the cars can be turned off by beeping the horn. it's a short-circuit problem in the alarm system. volkswagen says there are no reports of any accidents or injuries. the recall involves cars made in the last 12 months. well, we have some good news on the weather front although if you really loved all the sunshine you saw yesterday, you're going to have to hang in for one more day because we have the return of clouds. starting out this morning, only partly cloudy. temperatures in the 40s for the
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most part, low 50s. temperatures do stay mild, the beginning of a warm getsdramatic by tomorrow. we'll stay mainly dry but we are going to see increasing clouds throughout the day. tomorrow, however, we are going to lose those clouds thanks to this high pressure building offshore. we are going to see an increase in this ridge. and that means warmer weather. in fact, temperatures flirting with some records. we're talking low 80s for many spots near the inland tomorrow and that does mean we could be ire tying or breaking some records by tomorrow and wednesday. in the meantime, just gradual warming today and clouds. 60 half moon bay, 66 los altos, 56 in fremont, 67 in san jose. east bay temperatures, similar range. farther inland, the warmer you get. 67 brentwood, 64 alameda, 65 your high today in berkeley.
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north bay temperatures, a little cooler closer to the bay and beach. stinson beach 58. 69 petaluma. 57 bodega bay. 56 vallejo. taking a look at the five-day forecast, you see this is just the beginning. starting off the day again increasing clouds, temperatures topping out near 70 for the warmest spots but tomorrow we bump things up into the low 80s, both wednesday and thursday. a ton a ton of sun. the warmup is short-lived. chance of showers saturday, but they won't be around for long. we dry out around warm up once again sunday into early next week. easy for me to say, huh, elizabeth? >> yeah. i'm yawning. so... [ laughter ] >> all right. let's go to san leandro. we have slightly better news, slightly bad news unfortunately. one lane is open, one closed, on the southbound 880 ramp to southbound 238. so again this is a major connector ran there in san leandro. the problem happened more than
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two hours ago now. a big rig crashed into the guardrail. we're not sure at this point about injuries. it doesn't sound like any major injuries at this point. at least we haven't heard any yet. we do know there was a water spill and a fuel spill across that stretch. so that is what's taking so long to clean up. again, that's the connector ramp southbound 880 to southbound 238. they are giving us an estimated time of re-opening about 5:15. so for right now traffic is still light. we're not seeing huge backups because of it. and the main lines of the freeway up and down 880 this is live look at the coliseum. i'll step out of the way so you can see the traffic. taillights northbound towards downtown oakland. so far free-flowing this morning in either direction. but again, that traffic alert is in effect in san leandro. a little bit of overnight roadwork including some across the stretch of the dumbarton bridge. sounds like it's westbound 84 from the radio towers to the decline section of the bridge. they are supposed to wrap that
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up around 5:00 this morning so various lanes blocked until then. no problems 101 from morgan hill. out of downtown san jose, the northbound lanes of 280 look great. still quiet along the peninsula. mass transit is on time for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. erin brockovich will be among those testifying at a senate hearing today on disease clusters. senators will hear testimonies about clusters of cancer and birth defects that may be caused by contaminants in the environment. she is well versed in the subject, having fought successfully to hold pg&e accountable for fouling drinking water in hinkley down in southern california. there is reason you might crave snacks throughout the day. scientists say that people who are sleep deprived eat about
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300 more calories a day compared to people who get a good night's rest. i think i ate about 900 extra yesterday. and among the most favorite snacks, ice cream and fast food. >> we're in trouble. >> so true. >> researchers say sleep deprivation could also lead to obesity and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. researchers took brain scans of 40 people who are recently been rejected in a relationship and when those patients thought about the breakup, it activated the same region of the brain that lights up when the body experiences physical pain. i believe that, too. >> we're all a mess, i guess? we eat too much. love hurts. my goodness. forget a san francisco entrepreneur is starting a dating site just for himself. where's elizabeth? she is the single one here. elizabeth! >> yawning downstairs. if you are listening elizabeth, here you go. he is offering up $10,000 for
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the person who introduces him to his future wife. >> we could split that. >> here he is. take a look. >> actually chaz is about to turn 31. >> huh? >> he made a website about himself. we don't have a picture. >> i'm sitting here looking at the website, checking this out for elizabeth, yes. he has some very professional photographs. [ laughter ] >> well -- >> that's a start. >> reading in bed. the woman he wants to marry should like music. >> he likes monkeys. [ laughter ] >> believe it or not. >> tennis. >> and skateboarding. he considers himself very witty, very optimistic. he takes great pictures. and he is looking for someone who is fun, kind, spontaneous and has a good sense of humor. >> it's kind of funny. it's a pretty fun website. it's called the $10,000 if you can help him find a wife. >> elizabeth, log in, check it out. >> we're in trouble now. >> no, we're okay. moving along, it's 4:55. in great britain they are counting down to the royal wedding. >> we have a sneak peek on the
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preparations for next month's celebration. a team of 21 chefs will make nearly 10,000 bite-sized appetizers for the 600 guests invited to the reception. there will be up to 12 varieties, some hot, some cold, all personally approved by katherine and william. they are using a measuring stick. them 30 make sure every glass is a certain distance from the table's edge. >> we are going through all the details so it's planned in advance and we didn't leave anything to chance. >> well, the public will get a chance to see those newlyweds. they will come out on a balcony when prince william kisses his bride. >> i'm going to have to figure out when it's being shown here in the u.s. with the time change. >> how many dinner parties did you pull out a ruler to see if the wine glass was like, you know, 7.5" from the corner of the table? >> this is a royal wedding. >> i know. i know. >> and that's what makes it fun. all the pomp and circumstance. a bay area middle school
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teacher on the run. the inappropriate allegations involving students and why police believe he may have actually fled the country. the baseball stars expected to testify today in barry bonds' perjury trial. that story coming up. >> and the city of san jose is set to shorten the maximum length of dog leashes. i'm kiet do with that story coming up. wherever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the unit states. >> and the president making his case on libya how he is defending the american attacks and the one thing he said would be a costly mistake, when we come back.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. some baseball heavy hitters taking the stand today in the barry bonds perjury trial. the damage control aftershocking testimony from bonds' ex. plus, tightening the leash. a freak accident leading to calls for new restrictions on dogs. the fines you could pay in one bay area city. good morning, everyone. up and at 'em on this tuesday, the 29th of rc


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